Changing the World,
One Company at a Time

Aleric Heck has built an impressive portfolio of companies across many different industries. With his business savvy and marketing prowess he’s built the largest app review channel on YouTube, grown his marketing consulting company to over 8 figures, launched several successful ecommerce brands, multiple SaaS companies and become an investor in other companies.

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The #1 Authority For Attracting Clients
Through YouTube Ads & Video Marketing

Over the last 8 years AdOutreach has worked with thousands of clients to successfully grow their businesses through organic video marketing and YouTube ads. They’ve become the #1 authority in the space because they’ve developed the best video marketing strategies in the industry that have empowered them to grow to 8-figures and lead their clients to multiple 9-figures in sales. If you’re ready to grow your company through value-driven video, AdOutreach is the #1 choice in the market.

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AdVentures Capital

Empowering the Next Generation of
Companies to Build the World of Tomorrow

Leveraging Aleric’s marketing expertise and investment acumen, AdVentures Capital is making a name for themselves for funding partnerships and company acquisitions. They have a solid track record of successful projects, a growing investment portfolio, and a proven process for growing companies. If you’re looking for funding or acquisition, AdVentures Capital could be your perfect partner.


YouTube’s Largest App Review Channel
with Over 500k Subscribers

At just 12 years old Aleric started what became the top app review channel in the world and has gone on to acquire many other channels and assets in the space. AppFind releases weekly reviews
of iphone & android applications, reveals hidden features, and offers technology tutorials to their followers. With over 500k subscribers on their main channel they’ve become the go-to expert for app and technology reviews on YouTube.

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The Leading Software for Keyword
Research on YouTube

KeywordSearch has become one of the top softwares for marketers to use Artificial Intelligence to Optimize their Targeting on YouTube Ads & Google Ads. KeywordSearch also has an Ad Spy tool to help marketers spy on competitor advertisements on YouTube as well as a YouTube Co-Pilot to help with YouTube Channel growth.

KeywordSearch’s AI Audience Builder allows you to build Ad Audience Segments using Artificial Intelligence & Sync them to Google in One Click.


Sleek All-in-One Wireless
Charging Stands for your Desk

LGear is one of Aleric’s eCommerce companies that provides all-in-one device charging for your technology. Originally created as a branch off of the AppFind brand’s success, LGear has taken on a life of its own, with the mission to “Change the way you Charge”

Aleric Heck Background Image
Aleric Heck Background Image